Weeknotes 5

First conference of 2018 was Smashing Conference in London. I had a new talk to present and was also doing a one day workshop. I find workshops exhausting, although I love the immediate feedback and the chance to see people get concepts right there in the room.

Smashing venue

The Smashing Conference videos are already online, you can see my talk here and all of the other videos are listed on the Smashing Conference London website.

Published CSS Layout News Issue 132.

My February article for the Pastry Box was published this week, musing on the aviation “just culture” and how those ideas might apply in the web development industry.

I wrote an article about Media Queries for Smashing Magazine, and how we might think about them now that we have Flexbox and Grid available to us. It seems to be a good time to update our thinking around responsive design.

Smashing Magazine

In addition to my Media Queries article, over at Smashing we published another set of excellent articles, despite the fact that most of the team were at the conference!

Live Examples for MDN

I’m currently adding live examples to various properties over at MDN. This week I did the Flexbox examples, such as this one for flex-basis. The aim is to have a live example for each CSS property, to help people see quickly how the property works.

Other things

London morning

Not much time for other things this week as I was in London all week. Before heading there I did manage to get my first flying lesson of the year. All previous attempts through January have been cancelled due to weather. It wasn’t as disastrous as I had feared with over two months of not flying, though I still feel completely overloaded most of the time.

London was bright and cold so I got a fun touristy daybreak run in around Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. I can’t run over Tower Bridge without thinking of it as the halfway point in the London Marathon. After heading back from London I did race 4 in the Bath Skyline series, the muddiest one yet!

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