Announcing Smashing Print Magazine

Life at Smashing Magazine never stops throwing new surprises and challenges my way. When I came on board as Editor in Chief of the online Smashing Magazine, I didn’t expect to find myself editing a print magazine. However here we are, with our very first edition of Smashing Print.

Where the online magazine often covers very immediate subjects, technical topics that can be out of date in a few months, I wanted the content of the print magazine to be more timeless. Perhaps to capture a snapshot of where we are now. A take on today that would make interesting reading 10 or more years from now. We have headed right in with what I think is one of the biggest issues of the current few years, that of privacy and ethics.

I chose authors who I knew had interesting things to say on the subject, but then let them choose how to fulfil the brief of writing on this subject. Reading the pieces as a collection I have enjoyed the places in which the different takes on the subjects meet and diverge, these essays raise as many questions as they provide answers and I hope that they make you think.

This is essentially a pilot issue. We hope to be producing this in this format twice a year, assuming that the feedback is good! Taking a magazine to print is no small task for our little team, and we are all very excited to see what you make of it.

You can read my editorial and Vitaly’s article in this preview PDF, or buy your copy here. It’s worth noting that Smashing Members will receive a copy included in their membership.

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