Talk for axe-con: Grid, content re-ordering, and accessibility

It will soon be two years since I wrote about the issues around CSS Grid and content re-ordering on this site. We aren’t any further forward with a solution to that problem. With new ways to jumble up your layout such as Grid Layout Masonry, plus new tools which allow the visual generation of layout, I have real concerns about an increasing number of sites launching with a very poor experience for anyone who relies on the source and visual order being consistent.

I was asked to talk at axe-con, and so have chosen to again highlight this problem. My talk includes things for web developers to bear in mind, but also asks people to get involved in the discussions about how to provide a better solution than don’t do it. There is an issue raised regarding the potential impact of masonry here.

Slides and resources on I believe the video will be released in due course and I’ll add it to the Notist page once it is.

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