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Dear Apple, I am not a freak.

It is 2013. Women can be interested in fast cars and gadgets; men can be interested in celeb gossip and home decor. So why are general interest magazines categorized by gender?

Grand trip 2004

My parents have set off on a road trip across the USA. They (and my two younger sisters) have been resident in the USA for many years and now my folks have no children at home they are taking the chance to see a bit more of that [...]

They Work for You

Our Members of Parliament are supposed to be representing us, however most of us are too busy to be able to keep track of what is being said on our behalf by our local MP. They Work for You gives you an easy method to search on exactly what [...]

Tell An American To Vote (.com)

I was intrigued by a banner on a web site and clicked it, to find Tell An American To Vote.

Most of the 7.1 million Americans living overseas do not vote. Now is your chance to tell them to! Just fill in your personal message below and we’ll send [...]

Should I be offended?

Bruce rants,

people who give their kids place-names as first names, like ‘Chester’, ‘Paris’, ‘Bethany‘ or – especially irritating – ‘India’ or ‘Asia’. They should be forced to change their own name to ‘Thorngumbald’, ‘Pratts Bottom’, or ‘Swinket Mease Rigg’

I shall henceforth be known as Ms. Swinket Mease [...]


Simon asks, “What makes a geek?”, the answer so far appears to involve lego.

In other news, some people have way to much time on their hands (requires Quicktime and sound – via Bruce Lawson).

My mother blogs ...

I’ve been wanting my mother to start blogging for ages as she has plenty of interesting things to say and finds some excellent web sites. She has just made her first ‘real’ post to Just Thinking about Theology and Society and I think it only right to officially welcome [...]

Where can you see lions?

… only in KenyaAAA!

I’ve been singing this all day.

Put it back!

UserFriendly on the Google changes – despite the “redesign” Google is still full of font tags and other crud from yesteryear.


My t-shirts arrived yesterday from Threadless, I am currently wearing I Am Analog, and I also bought Y Bird. So I have clothes, without having to go into a shop … which is good.

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