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Which Ani Album are you?

Find out which Ani Difranco album you are most like – I got:

You are to the teeth. You’re opinionated, somewhat stubborn… you like the world to know where you stand on everything, whether they want to know or not. Some might call you imflammatory, others enlightened. But isn’t everything [...]

mailing list nastiness

I subscribe to a lot of mailing lists, mostly to do with web development, and in particular to do with web standards, there are some very clever people on the many of these mailing lists and so most of the time I lurk quietly reading, and learning a lot.

However, some [...]

What's your Debian Package name?

Geez, I wonder what my name would be, if I were a Free Software package and someone made me part of Debian?“ – if this question is keeping you up at night, discover your Debian Package Name right now. (I’m librachel-perl)

cool stuff

Netscape 7.0 Preview Release is out. I haven’t downloaded it yet, I’ll grab the Linux download overnight.

Jeff Gates’ writing about life, and particular in life with kids, boundaries and personal space touched a few chords over here .. definately a site I’ll be returning to again.(via Zeldman)

The Political Compass

My mother, who is marvellous at finding interesting web stuff, sent me this link – The Political Compass. Interesting to see where your views put you. I end up slap bang in the middle of the libertarian left, but I doubt that would surprise anyone who knows me!

can you believe the Dreamweaverfever

Drew has set up shop on CafePress… I particularly like the ladies tank top.


I’m drowning in it… I had a dream last night that I sent the wrong replies to various people’s emails. That would be bad. What’s worse is that I’m dreaming about email… aaaaaahhhh… go generate your own evil plan.

mmm ... beer

Respect for the guy who has recorded every beer that he has drunk since march 1988 (via Coudal partners )

Theres nothing like a nice usable web site

This is what you get if you click through the link that says ‘first time here’, on the British School of Motoring Web site. Well thank you, now that you have instructed me on how to use the web and I have downloaded an insane variety of plugins, I may [...]

Free speech

Al Sparber writes about software piracy, citing the places that allow people to remain anonymous on the net as a big cause of this problem. I don’t disagree on the fact that is the case, after all if we were all tied down to our IP and email address [...]

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