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Why I'm moving from MacOS to Windows

Over the past week I’ve been moving my primary development machine from a Macbook Pro to a Surface Book. People keep asking me why, so I wrote it up here.


A letter to a friend.

Weeknotes 5

Smashing Conference, a muddy run, and articles on Media Queries and aviation culture.

Weeknotes 4

Global Diversity Call for Papers Day, Grid Level 2 and a very long run.

Weeknotes 3

Conference preparations, a Smashing TV Webinar, an update on a CSS Grid issue. What I’ve been up to in the past week.

Weeknotes 2

An article and video on sizing in Grid Layout, recording a podcast and running an online training. Some of the things in my weeknotes.

Weeknotes 1

My intention in 2018 is to write regular weeknotes, if nothing else they will remind me what I’ve been up to.

So that was 2017

A roundup of some of the things that have happened in 2017, and what I’d like to do in 2018.

A redesign

A few notes on the redesign of this site, and my new Webmention implementation.

It's more than just the words

Reading an article from 1999 caused me to consider how not owning your own content leads to a loss of more than just the content itself.

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