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Calling Ms. Test

I had a phonecall yesterday,

“May I speak to Ms Test?”

I replied that there wasn’t any Ms. Test here, and that this was…. and there was silence at the end of the line. When she explained where she was calling from, all was made clear, as this particular [...]

quiet ...

I’ve not posted for a while, mainly because I’ve been a bit poorly, poorly enough to not get much work done which isn’t like me at all, as I normally work through anything.

So now I’m really busy, I was busy before and now it’s crazy! It’s ok though .. the [...]

Learning to drive

I’ve started to learn to drive. Where I now live people always assume that you drive. I lived in London for 5 years and in London people don’t presume that you have a car, because lots of people don’t. However here, everyone drives their is no local public transport to [...]

Turnip lanterns

When I was a kid, up in the North East of England, there was none of this pumpkin carving business, we were tough, we hollowed out turnips for our lanterns.

If you’ve ever tried to hollow out a turnip, you’ll know that a pumpkin is a much better option, pumpkins are [...]

Favicon and time

Drew, after his success with his own Favicon, made me one this evening. Which was rather marvellous of him as I’d never have got round to making one for myself.

I had to make one of the decisions I hate to make this evening, I was asked if I [...]

Wise words

If Jesus once opened the eyes of a blind man, unstopped the ears of the deaf, loosened the tongue of a stammerer, so what? How can that help me? But if I find that his Spirit is still present and powerful to break down my own blinkered selfishness and make [...]


Dive Into Mark made me laugh today with this …

“… they’ve lived in their house for twenty years and still have unopened boxes from the old house sitting in the attic. in fact, they still refer to their house as “the new house”. they have a basement too. people [...]


I’ve been quiet of late. We were away at Greenbelt and then the beginning of September saw the clients who had been as quiet as mice all summer suddenly get interested in their projects again … so I’ve been busy, catching up and getting back into the usual organised [...]

Mobile Phones

I’m thinking of changing from Vodafone to Orange, due to Vodafone being stupidly expensive when making calls to phones on other networks and most of the people that I call regularly are on Orange.

However, I also want a phone that I can use to check my email with and [...]

New Site

If you are seeing this, you are at my new site – I’m not entirely sure when everything will transfer over here.

The old site was based on a very old CMS that I wrote myself and I don’t really have time to keep updated or add to so I [...]

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