Introducing the Grid Layout Spec

An article originally published in Net Magazine, introducing the CSS Grid Layout specification.

December 2015 for Creative Bloq

Offering Feedback

If you only interact with users when they need support or have a feature request, you’re only interacting with the minority of your customers.

October 2015 for A List Apart

HTTPS Everywhere with Nginx, Varnish and Apache

A walkthrough of how to have HTTPS and still use Varnish Cache. Something I had to work out for our own servers and though might be useful to other people.

September 2015 for Smashing Magazine

Creating Process to Free Up Time for Productivity

There’s merit to keeping your small business nimble by keeping process to a minimum. But even in the tiniest one- or two-person operation, it’s plain that not all business tasks are improved by being hand-crafted.

August 2015 for A List Apart

Software Audits for the Tiny Business

Routine software audits sound like just about the most boring thing in the world. But losing access to a DNS server, missing important alerts from a developer, or paying for a forgotten service are adventures nobody needs.

July 2015 for A List Apart

On Being King of a Shrinking Castle

If you can’t afford to take time to strengthen your connections with others, you’re at risk of being the monarch (and the serf) of an impoverished kingdom, indeed.

May 2015 for A List Apart

How To Get Started With CSS Shapes

The web has typically been a place of boxes and rectangles but an emerging CSS specification is going to change that.

March 2015 for Web Designer Depot

Looking Outside

Finding that an outsider’s perspective can help when partners can’t quite see eye to eye—or when they agree too much.

March 2015 for A List Apart

Being creative while in pain

An article for 99u about the realities of working when also living with an injury or chronic illness.

March 2015 for 99u

Designing for print with CSS

How to create stylesheets for use with User Agents such as Prince XML, creating PDFs and printed documents.

January 2015 for Smashing Magazine

Developing Robust Deployment Procedures

Once you have developed your site, how do you make it live on your web hosting? A tutorial explaining how to move away from manually transferring files via FTP to a proper deployment process.

December 2014 for 24 ways

Managing Feature Requests

You’re proud of your product, and welcome user suggestions on making it even better. Will you be able to make everyone happy? Should you even aim to accommodate them all? Before you start coding, think about how to prioritize feature requests, and even say no to some.

November 2014 for A List Apart

Getting to the Action

Was that conference worth it? There were smart tips and awesome people. Should you buy a ticket this year? For a freelancer or small business, it can be a significant expense. Wouldn’t it be great to know if the investment in time and money is likely to move the business forward?

August 2014 for A List Apart

Pro Tips for Launching a Digital Product

It's never been easier to bring digital products to market. In this article - originally a feature in Net Magazine - I share advice for launching your own products.

April 2014 for CreativeBloq / Net Magazine

Our Enclosed Space

Some thoughts on the gap between what is preached from the conference stage, and the real job of web design for small business.

March 2014 for A List Apart

Your Side Project as Insurance Policy

Often our livelihood depends on our physical abilities - such as typing code. Having a product as a side project can offer security if your daily work is disrupted by illness or injury.

January 2014 for A List Apart

Start Small and Listen

In this article I describe how it is possible to launch with a really small product and grow from those small beginnings by listening to your customers.

November 2013 for Smashing Magazine

Pricing underpins everything you do

What was ultimately one of our biggest mistakes gave us experiences we could draw on when deciding on a pricing model for our product.

September 2013 for A List Apart

How do you go on vacation?

The idea that everyone should get time off away from their business, perhaps even completely disconnected from the internet, is a pervasive one.

August 2013 for A List Apart

The Local Shops of the Web

A local shop is part of an ecosystem — here in England we call it the High Street. The owner of a local shop generally has no ambition to become a Tesco or WalMart. She’d rather experience steady growth, building relationships with customers who value what she brings to the community.

June 2013 for A List Apart

You Can't Do Everything

Without clients dictating my workload I’m in the enviable position of being able to choose where to focus my efforts. However, I can’t physically do everything.

May 2013 for A List Apart

Supporting Your Product: How To Provide Technical Support

Whether your product is an open-source script, a Web application or a downloadable product, you will need to provide some form of technical support. This article explores the subject based on my experience of supporting Perch.

October 2011 for Smashing Magazine