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Enormous wasps

The small person found an enormous wasp in her bedroom today. I don’t like wasps much, I especially don’t like wasps that are twice the size of your average, irritating with a mission to sit on your icecream, garden wasp. Drew was despatched to deal with the mega-wasp and we’re [...]

The mind boggles

I get some odd email, but tonight’s really takes the biscuit … sent to my business email address.

Dear Rachel. I locate the market for a new fiancèe. You are interested? I too have all my car and to inhale to more things such as this. If you are sharpened, email [...]


My open university exam is on Tuesday, I feel as if I have learned loads on my course but have no idea whether I will manage to scrawl it all onto the exam paper in three hours. One thing is sure, I’ll be relieved once it is over.

I feel so [...]


I love autumn. I’m not a summer person, even the south of England is too warm for this Northerner, and in the heat of August I long for the leaves to change and the crisp autumn mornings.

I have my open university exam this month, I’ve done well in my essays [...]

ugh ... tax

I’ve been having tax form fun this week… but the forms are now safely in their brown envelopes ready to be sent off to the tax office tomorrow.

I’m still having fun with my Zaurus – I found a neat chess game for it today which will give me something [...]

New toy

My new Zaurus arrived last Friday, it’s very cool… I’ve been wanting to get a PDA for some time, in order to try and tame the three diaries system I seem to have fallen into, and the Zaurus seemed like a good choice for me, I’m impressed with [...]

An ordinary day

I went down to town today, before the time of the silence. I needed to go to town, but I also wanted to be with other people at that point. All the shops had posters in their windows explaining they would be holding the silence at 1.46 (British Summer Time), [...]

Friday night ...

.. I’m working, writing tonight, hoping to be making some sense as I ramble on about the things I do every day, in the hope that it is helpful to someone else.

The Greenbelt blog is still ongoing, it’s fun to read people’s postings after having met many of them [...]

One year on

One year ago I left work and started my own web development business One year on and I’m still in business, enjoying what I do and with plenty of work. I’m very glad I took the risk.

If you can see this ...

… then you are on my new server. Hopefully I haven’t broken anything while moving this site, if anything behaves more strangely than usual let me know!

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