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Dear lazyweb - what should I do with all this email?

I get a lot of email. I currently have 9 different email accounts spread across work and personal stuff, the important email all is IMAP (on my own server) with list mail being spread across gmail accounts and some POP accounts on my server.

Not only do I [...]


Congratulations to my Dad – Mike Douglass – and everyone working on Bedework, an open-source institutional calendar system, on winning a Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration. The awards were presented on Monday 4th December by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The Mellon Foundation’s Press Release gives details of all award [...]

Syncing the Nokia 9500 Communicator with Tiger

I was disappointed to see that my Nokia 9500 wasn’t supported by iSync, however a bit of searching this afternoon turned up this thread on Mac OS X Hints. I just replaced every mention of 9300 with 9500 and it all worked beautifully. It goes without saying that making [...]

Mac Mini

In sympathy for my advancing years my very lovely boyfriend bought me a Mac Mini for my birthday. It’s so tiny! The Windows desktop it is going to replace is a Shuttle, so not exactly a monster of a thing, but you [...]

Moving offices

It has been admittedly a rather long time since I posted here. The main reason for the hiatus was moving my business out of my home office and to new office premises. This all went fairly smoothly although it is very strange to not be working from home after [...]

hardware hell

Thanks for all the great comments on my post Convince me to get a Mac. I actually saw the Mac mini in real life last weekend at the Apple Store and they are every bit as lovely as they appear in photos … I may just be convinced … [...]

Convince me to get a Mac

My main issue with switching to Mac has always been cost. I don’t like laptops to work on all day, the iMacs are funny looking and the towers complete overkill for most of what I do – which is essentially to edit text files all day. However the Mac Mini [...]


If you are a Windows user and interested in trying out some Open Source software without needing to scour the web, then you might like to download TheOpenCD, which is a collection of open source and free software that runs on Windows.

Fixed the random rebooting problem

The computer that had rebooted itself on Friday was fine all day and then the second I turned the monitor off yesterday – it did it again. Turning off your monitor really shouldn’t reboot your machine should it?!

It was then I realised that plugged into the USB hub in [...]

Why is my computer so slow?

I installed XP Pro on my Windows box a couple of weeks ago. I’ve managed to de-uglify it but my main problem is that my machine, which ran perfectly quickly under Win2K, now crawls. It’s not the newest machine in the world (Athlon 1.4/768MB RAM) but it should be [...]

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