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Rachel Andrew BA (Hons) Hum (Open)

Those with long memories or an interest in elderly archives may remember that back in 2002 I began studying with the Open University, with the vague idea that perhaps I might do enough courses to get a degree.

In the last four years I’ve acquired a passable ability to [...]

Open University Results

Today I got the results of the Open University Courses that I studied this last year – AD317 (Religion Today, Tradition, Modernity and Change) and A297 (Reading Classical Latin).

I’m very happy to have got good passes for both subjects. I had convinced myself I had failed the Latin [...]

The Historical Jesus

I’m looking in some depth at the ‘real’, historical figure of Jesus, and seem to be opening up more questions than I find answers for.

Most historians believe (as there is documentary proof) that there was a historical Jesus. The people and places mentioned in the New Testament are real enough [...]


The observant will have noticed another new section in the navigation. I’ve set up another journal in order to discuss some of the themes that I will be studying this year in my course on World Religions with the Open University.

While moving things around I’ve moved the articles to a [...]