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Multi-column Layout Level 1 published as a Working Draft

Some thoughts now that we have republished Multi-column Layout as a Working Draft.

Changes to the Grid Spec and taking on Multi-Column layout

Some notes from the recent CSS Working Group meeting in Paris.


I’m creating a list of CSS Grid Layout interop issues – GridBugs.

Perch, Patterns and Old Browsers

The video of my presentation at Patterns Day is now online.

Why display: contents is not CSS Grid Layout subgrid

Looking at the different problems solved by display: contents and the proposed but removed from CSS Grid Level 1 subgrid feature.

Refer to the spec : background and motivation

An explanation of the CSS Grid specification “Background and Motivation” section. What does Grid Layout solve?

A redesign

A few notes on the redesign of this site, and my new Webmention implementation.

Is it really safe to start using CSS Grid Layout?

Some thoughts on old browsers and how to make good decisions about the technology choices that you have.

You do not need a CSS Grid based Grid System

Explaining why you don’t need a grid system to use CSS Grid Layout, due to it already being a grid system.

Breaking out with CSS Grid explained

I spotted a nice technique to break an item out of a container. In this post I attempt to explain why that works.

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