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Yay for birthdays!

Today marks the start of my last year of being twenty-something … Drew gave me a handheld GPS device so we can go geocaching, which sounds like the perfect geek outdoor activity. I also got a Thinkgeek gift certificate from my parents, woo!


I recently bought a piano … not a real one with strings that need tuning (we’d never get an upright piano up our stairs) but a decent Kawai digital piano. When I was growing up we always had a piano in the house, but despite my best efforts I never [...]


We went to the Berkshire College of Agriculture‘s open day today, to show the Small Person the newborn lambs and go on tractor rides and other activities that small people (and big people) love. As well as the lambs we saw Alpacas, alpacas are so cool, I’m not [...]

Fair Trade

20 years ago I was accompanying my mother round various churches and community centres in the North East to listen to her talk about Fair Trade (and to help carry a variety of large and at times peculiar products). At the time no-one had really heard of the concept and [...]

getting away from it all

On Friday the gas men very carefully investigated under the floor boards, I had expected the whole downstairs to be trashed but they did a great job of just lifting enough boards to locate the leak. By mid afternoon we had heat once again. On my way out to collect [...]

Cold ...

Drew manages to find our current gas situation more amusing than I do. This may be in part due to the fact that he gets to go and work in a nice warm office during the day; while I get to deal with gas men, in the freezing [...]


I’ve gone and got another cold, this is no doubt some kind of divine retribution for always being smug about hardly getting any colds, as this year it seems like someone has just needed to sneeze within a 100 yards of my vicinity and I’ve caught their cold.

Because having a [...]


Some comments made on Drew’s blog interest me. Doing a search on Google, the term ‘whitelist’ seems to be used almost always in terms of products that do some kind of filtering – such as that for spam.

The words ‘white’ and ‘black’ don’t [...]

Iran Earthquake Appeal

The Red Cross have launched an appeal in order to send relief to victims of the earthquake in Iran. You can make a donation online in the UK or visit the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Page.

O Little Town ...

Bethlehem Media Net strives to be the “voice of the voiceless” bringing the stories of the Palestinian people and their religious communities to the web. Via Sojourners.

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