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Dreamweaver MX Design Projects Support

The code downloads for the projects are now available on the Apress web site here.

Also, Apress have launched new support and discussion forums for their books – including all those ex-Glasshaus publications.

"Premium Content" on DMXZone

As of yesterday DMXzone began offering Premium Content – up-to-date articles on current issues and ideas from established authors, including yours truly!

Dreamweaver MX Design Projects - source code

If you need to download the source code for the projects, you can find it here.

Dreamweaver MX Design Projects

Despite the demise of Glasshaus, Dreamweaver MX Design Projects is now shipping from Amazon.

Many apologies if you have mailed me and I haven’t got back to you, it’s been a crazy few weeks, I need to get through my inbox but it could take some time!

and a door closes

My publisher Glasshaus has shut down, the parent company (which also owns Wrox UK and Friends of Ed) has gone into liquidation. Financially I imagine this leaves us authors at the back of a long line of creditors, but more than that, I’m really going to miss the team [...]

Fundamental Web Design and Development Skills

The latest book I have been working on is now available. Fundamental Web Design and Development Skills is for those people who are looking to enter the market as web professionals or for those who want something a bit more real-world and up to date than the standard “how [...]


Dynamic Dreamweaver MX is now available for purchase. I got my copies a few days ago, it’s really strange seeing my words in print – I’m used to seeing my ramblings on a computer screen but not in a book!

More book news ...

We are rather well published in our household! Drew’s book Dreamweaver MX Web Development will be available in the shops mid-August.

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